I Wish I Could


IMG_3056.jpg I Wish I Could

October 31, 2016

Dear You,

You came into my life in a way I have never imagined. You came during those moments that I said to myself, “I don’t want to love anymore”. I have never thought that my feelings for you would escalate to this level. As much as I would like to hide and fight it, here I am, writing this letter.

I have never thought that you will become a person I would cherish, I would care about, I would miss, and I would love. You are that one person who puts a smile on my face; that one person who inspires and motivates me after a tiring day at work and after a stressful week in school. You make me always look forward to every picture that we will take and to every dinner and every coffee that we will have.

You are…

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Don’t tell her she drives you mad,
she’s worked hard to maintain her composure.
Don’t tell her when you look at her,
you burn with desire,
for she finds safety with you.
Don’t tell her you’ll never stop loving her,
she knows it’s not true.
She knows everything is temporary,
but she has chosen to spend chapters of her life with you.
So don’t tell her losing her would mean losing part of you,
she knows you will leave her soon.